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Let me tell what happened to me: I made a purchase and I was asked if I wanted to apply for the credit card associated with Victoria Secrets and I said yes, they processed it and gave to me, I also had a discount and I pay my purchase, cash.

3-4 Month later I started receiving request to pay for that exact purchase and, if I paid, eventually to provide the receipt. At that point I started to call the customer service explaining that I did paid but, after 4 months, I definitively could not find the recipe, they say that would take care of that. Ok. 1 month later, another request for payment, I again, called them and explained and they said that they would fix it. 5 days later, another email asking to pay, and me, again calling them staying on the phone 10 to 40 minutes every time trying to explain, for the third, forth time that I paid cash, as I always pay my purchase. Well, I am sure I will receive other request of the payment, amount? 12.50$.

I think they look for people who pay cash and with 3-4 months to ask them the money for a second time on purpose, as no one store the purchase receipt for more than 2-4 days.

My suggestion is to avoid doing purchase in this company and if you do, be sure to have yur receipt for 3-6 months because they could easily ask you to pay a second time but not before 3-4 months. I am considering going to a lawyer because this thing is really causing me a lot of stress and this is the first time that something like this happening to me. Just a horrible experience.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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