So I walk in the store happy knowing I have 10$ off a bra plus a rewards card with 10$.The original price for the bra I wanted was 32$ Or 2/42$ As I pick out my 2 bras and go to the register the cashier convinced me that I only could get one bra:/ I was really upset and now that I think about it, she didn't want to give me the second bra on her own behalf!!!! This is the second time that same lady has given me problems about my coupon...... I will go back tomorrow and ask for manager!

Review about: Victorias Secret Bra.

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Read the fine print, you cannot combine the $10 off a bra with a 2 for $42 deal.


Was this a REWARDS card that you get for having an angel card? If so, then you can definitely combine that with a $10 off a bra.

Angel rewards are the only rewards that can be combined with any other coupon.

Otherwise, if it was a birthday coupon, etc, you cannot combine those with anything else, just 1 per item. (the 2for $42 counts as one due to the deal).

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