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So here's my story, I've worked hard to keep my credit score growing and always pay everything early. I've had perfect payment history with VS for years but one month I mistakenly thought I had already paid off my balance (it was under $20) and I didn't realize different until they called me informing me I was late.

I immediately over the phone paid that plus late fees.

Well yesterday I looked up my credit score and saw it had dropped due to this! I was irritated so I paid off my balance and emailed them to close my account. Their response?

To say ok it's closed and you still have a $14 balance which will be reported to credit bureau. Seriously??? I'm fuming!! I paid that small *** balance off!

How does this help anything?

Ok so it hasn't taken my payment out of my account yet but it clearly shows where it's scheduled to come out today. If they don't accept my payment and try to report it just out of spite I will be severely pissed

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