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I tried to pay my bill on line. Their website wouldn't cooperate.

Call in to pay bill over the phone. They wouldn't waive the $15 fee to help me out so I went back to website and tried again. It ffinally went through. Weeks later I get an email that my order wont ship.

I call the number given and my accoubtvwas closed due to a bank account that didn't exist and a $25 returned check fee!!! I immediately paid $100 ( they waived the over the phone payment fee this time??!!) and i explained my frustration. They wouldnt take the $25 off and they locked my card for purchases for 90 days. 90days ???!!!!!

Forget it. I told her I was cancelling my account. I would pay the remaining $21 dollars and cancel my account. She wouldn't waive the $15.

Phone fee!!! Imagine that. She told me to go online and pay........WHY WOULD I DO THAT??? SO THEY CAN GET MORE FREE MONEY FROM ME????

Customer service stinks. I'm out.

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