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Bras are poor quality. They claim they are the best but the store and customer service do not stand behind product.

Took all 3 bras that has fallen apart back (none are over 4 mths old) and the will not help me contacted customer service 4 times each time they send me their return policy stating to take back to the store. NO one cares. I even have a vs card and honestly I would hate to see how much I have spent plus I give there stuff out for gifts too!! It's not just their bras the panties fall apart to.

From now on ill shop at walmart. I am done with vs at least walmart does something about there crapy products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Victorias Secret Bra.

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HIGHLY doubt you brought in bras that are only 3 months old. More like a few years & they wouldnt take it back because theyre not a donation center. a bra lasts at most a year .

Moses Lake, Washington, United States #835662

For some reason, I'm thinking you don't follow the washing directions on the bra and just throw them in your washing machine. 9/10 that's why your bras will fall apart.

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