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I will never shop at #VictoriasSecret EVER AGAIN. And now I will let you all know the reason why I am making this choice.

A few months ago I was purchasing some bras and ended up signing up for the #AngelCreditCard. I only opened an account because I was told by the employees at the #DestinyUSA location that the Angel card worked like a Wal-Mart type credit card and could be used ANYWHERE. I specifically asked if it was only for their stores (Victoria's Secret, #PINK, and #BathandBodyWorks) and was told I could use it just like a regular credit card at any store, NOT just the aforementioned ones. I was blatantly lied to by employees to sign up for this card. I was informed today that the employees get commission for every card they open.

I just tried to use the card for the first time because I am low on cash this month, and it was denied because the card can only be used at aforementioned stores. (Luckily I had money in my savings account to use!) When I went back to the Destiny USA store to voice my upset, I was told to call a 1-800 number because the store has nothing to do with the card. (Other than tricking people into signing up for them, apparently.) The employee did not apologize nor appear to have any interest in my concerns.

I called the 1-800 number and it took forever to get an actual human being on the line. The man on the phone didn't show any concern at all, even though I was obviously very upset about the situation. He informed me there was NOTHING he could do except cancel the account. No apologies. No kind of "customer service" at all, except to tell me that "obviously" the card was only for Victoria's Secret, even though their employees are telling people otherwise. I asked if there was seriously nothing they could do to make me feel better about this situation, such as send me a small gift card or coupon, (considering I had to use my savings I need to pay bills etc) and was told "No. I will do nothing for you."

Very dissatisfied with the "customer service" I received in store and over the phone, I made a post to their Facebook wall. I explained how very pissed off I was about their employees lying to make more commission and their customer service line refusing to actually give me any type of customer service. I noticed that almost ALL the posts that were from actual people (not celebrity advertisements) were complaints about the company's terrible "customer service". Victoria's Secret NEVER replied to any of their upset customers, and now they have disabled the ability to leave posts on their wall.

This company obviously does not care about having a respectable image, or about keeping these upset customers business. I won't even start on the fact that they shame "plus sized" women or any other moral issues the company has.

I strongly urge you all to consider the way this company treats people before shopping there again.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I was worth you till the end. I'm a plus sized woman (size 14) and I would like to say that I have never been "shamed " by Victorias secret.

Every business has its market clientele, and just because I don't fit that particular stores clientele isn't anything that I'm ashamed of. When I go by a divorce lawyers office I'm not ashamed that i don't fit that clientele either.



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