Today my wife and I went to Victoria Secrets to exchange a item,the sales clerk was helpful and polite. She asked for a drivers license and when my wife gave it to her, she swiped it on another machine several times.

We asked her why she is swiping the drivers license and she said that it was company policy and it is a company requirement. The swiping of the drivers license goes to a third party and is kept in a data bank. We did not mind showing the drivers license but, we do mind swiping it for a third party. At a time when people are protesting Arizona for requiring identification when for committing a crime, we are requiring citizens to have their drivers license swiped into a data bank for returning a item.

I called Victoria Secrets customer service (614) 577-7111 and they confirmed the policy. I informed Victoria Secrets that we will no longer shop at their stores as long as this policy is in effect.

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Victoria Secret return policy sucks. Why they don't swipe your ID when you purchase things.

I don't think its fair if you have a receipt and they swip your ID .

They should only swipe your ID when you don't have a receipt. I can understand they want to make sure the item is not stolen with no receipt.


I exchanged a pink bra for a purple bra. I had the receipt and everything.

But instead of swiping my ID the rude clerk wrote it down.

That's odd.....at that time I did not think to ask why would she write it down. If she forgets to throw away that paper I don't want my information hanging around for someone to pick up and use.

to Anonymous Jackson, Michigan, United States #1264874
She did not write your ID number down. There is an approval code from the machine that she has to copy onto the second return reciept for the manager to review. It's a long number but it isn't your ID number:)
Newport Coast, California, United States #945516

If you guys are complaining about a third party containing you information, then get off the INTERNET! CLOSE YOUR FACEBOOK, GMAIL, YAHOO, AND OTHER INTERNET ACCOUNTS!


You are gonna make a fuss about your ID information from a retailer (which they only keep for 90 days), and yet you allow to agree with the Terms & Conditions internet companies force you to agree to? I am pretty sure non of you ever read your Terms & Conditions, because the stuff they collect from you is far more invasive and scarier than what any retailer will ever collect from you.

I am a cashier at VS, I don't like asking for people's ID, it's annoying. But if I don't ask, I get fired.

I'm sorry I don't want to lose my job bc you decided to throw a temper tantrum. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.

But logically speaking, you can find a Return Policy from any merchant BEFORE you decide to make a purchase. When you make a purchase at the counter and the Capture Signature Device says "Confirm Purchase Amount (yes) or (no)" and you have pressed the "YES" button, then you have legally agreed to the merchant policy and the amount being charged.

If you don't agree with the policy then don't shop there and press "NO" on the Capture Signature Device. Simple logic.

However, I am pretty sure very few of you read the policy printed on your receipt--which btw is much shorter and readable than any Term & Conditions Policy you agree to--and the policy stated in every store, much like you completely ignore your Terms & Conditions on every Apple Device and internet accounts. Guess what, you are an adult now, YOUR FAULT FOR NOT INFORMING YOURSELF.

Would you go and sign up with any Bank when you are trying to get a Finance Loan without reading the contract? No, you wouldn't. So do yourself a favor and read your merchant policy, which is a legal contract much like a Loan Agreement. I seriously cringe at the people who don't bother to inform themselves and then get mad that no one told them.

I am pretty sure those are the same idiots who get mad at their credit card company for seeing an interest charge due to a policy they didn't inform themselves about. IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, TAKE INITIATIVE OF IT.

to StopActingEntitled San Diego, California, United States #1243633

Lol. Oh honey, it's cute how should talk legalese.

Stick to selling cheap ***. I too will no longer be shopping at VS after having to show ID today for a return with receipt.


I just had the same problem. Won't be coming back.


Ya other stores sweep drivers license too but only for return WITHOUT receipt .

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #702158

Yesterday, I went in a VS store to return a bra with the receipt of course and the item was clean/unworn/unwashed with all the tags on. Plus I bought it with my VS credit card.

When I said I had a return, her attitude showed clearly that she did not welcome a return. And the cashier asked for my ID. I was not willing but I showed her anyway thinking she needed to verify I was the one bought it originally. But she asked me to take it out from my wallet ID window so she can work with it. I was unhappy and argued with her because it was a super simple return, why was I treated like I did sth wrong and had to be profiled?

We consumers need to do sth about it!

Bay City, Michigan, United States #614254

The third party is actually a retail fraud company. There goal is to track monetary amounts during each return.

The information that is kept in a "data bank" is completely confidential and it is their job to protect companies from scam artists and return fraud.

Other companies actually use the same third party (TRE) and track all of your information, you are just not informed. So if you refuse to shop at VS, then you should also stop shopping at Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Meijer, and about 10,000 other local shops and retail chains.

to Chels Waverley, Massachusetts, United States #632418

I agree with the original poster, it's a simple return with a receipt showing how they paid so why hassle the customer and treat them like a criminal when they are simply doing a return? I think it's RUDE and inconsiderate for the customer, it turns me off as a shopper and it's not necessary.

I've shopped at Target before and they never asked me to show my license and swipe my card, that's why they get me as a return customer.

VS- you LOSE business that way, keep it up I'm sure your competitors will overtake you despite your models who just seem very arrogant in their photos. Their clothes aren't even that well designed and way too overpriced!

to Dina #1217450

Exactly. They're overpriced.

And many times they offer free gifts as well with purchases over a certain amount.

So if they're trying to prevent scam artists from taking advantage of their free offers by buying stuff then returning it but keeping the free gift. Most items like apparel go for over $50.

to Chels Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #702166

What is fraud when you have the receipt and your credit card with you? Don't treat all your customers like criminals just because of a few abused your return policies.

The whole mall I shop, none asks for ID except I return without a receipt, only almighty VS

to Jas0101 #1004247

I know right?! I had my reciept my card and my ID to verify that the card I had with me was also the card that I used to purchase it in the first place.

But instead of swiping my ID she wrote it down. I was juggling other things at that time so I didn't think to ask her why she wrote it down. She was also very rude an it was busy in there. I was trying to be considerate to other customers and get things over with.

I hope my information will be ok. I seriously am thinking of never coming back.

South Bend, Indiana, United States #613617

I think the license policy is ridiculous. I tried to exchange something I got as a gift but I don't have my license yet.

They can't even make an accepting for high school students who got underwear as a gift as the wrong size? Wtf.

I refuse to shop there or ask for items from there anymore. *** ridiculous and my friend just wasted their money.

to Emily Herndon, Virginia, United States #623307

you can return it if you are less then the age to have a drivers license

to Emily #651197

You do know that VS is geared toward legal-age adults, right? It's not a teens' clothing store.

to Uh... Hartford, Connecticut, United States #663040

Do teens not have *** or wear underwear? What is the Pink line then? VS is geared toward the female gender and those who like pretty undergarments as well as legal age adults wishing to make themselves more sexy.

to Anonymous #701806

For the record, the Pink branch is geared toward college aged young women ages 18 to 23.

to Uh... Des Moines, Iowa, United States #929653

You're ridiculous, I definitely shopped there when I was a teen. The whole PINK line is geared towards teens.

Why can't a teen shop there? Some teens have bigger *** than I do as a 23 year old.


Will no longer shop at Victoria Secret. I thought the clerk just needed my license to confirm my name.

I was shocked when she swiped it to store in the third party data base. I do not want my info stored and when I complained, I was told the policy was posted. It was posted on the counter where you would place the items you wish to purchase so you actually cover the disclosure sign during the purchase. Victoria Secret said they would not mention the policy at purchase because it was posted.

There are less invasive ways to prevent fraud.

Since I don't want my info stored, I have to assume every purchase at Victoria Secret is a final purchase. I will no longer shop there.

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