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Today I paid the balance of my Victoria Secret credit card account. I had to pay multiple late fees, as I had already call to close the account and they did not do it.

They kept charging the 26 dollars monthly without, until I start receiving this calls early in the morning and late at night asking me to pay the money. I told them I have called and closed my account last year, but they insisted I did not do it. So, what I had to do...

pay and hope never to hear about this credit card or the store. Even the lingerie and products are not worth it!

Monetary Loss: $56.

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My bras come from many stores, it seems that when I sweat, the elastic under the ***, really smell bad!!

I would hope no-one else can smell that odor!!


Did you pay your entire account before requesting to close it? I don't understand how you would get late fees if the balance was paid off.

And you wouldn't be able to close the account if it wasn't paid off. When I pay off a card, I make sure to monitor it for at least two months afterward to ensure that there aren't any further charges, such as interest.

By the way, World Financial Network National Bank is responsible for the credit card, not VS itself.

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