three bras purchased over six months from three different stores emit a strange chemical odor that doesn't show up until the pad fabric interacts with body heat. This is not a body odor issue, the smell comes directly from only the pad/foam fabric and no other parts of the bra.

The company will not acknowledge there is a problem with materials and continues to sell this product.

Each bra costs over 45 dollars, this is an expensive problem so buyer beware. I want to inform other consumers so they are aware of the issue and make their own decisions about whether or not to give their money to Victoria Secret.

Review about: Victorias Secret Bra.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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I have the same problem, primarily with the sports bras. The smell is horrible and like the above review, it has nothing to do with body odor.

Disappointing to say the least, as they are not cheap. I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing, as I would never have bought them!


Same thing happed with Soma bras purchased 5/27/18.


Yes!! I just tried soaking my bra and it will still not come out!


i have the same problem with my VS bras. I work outside and when I sweat the odor is horrible from the bra. I love their bras but cant wear them and sweat, no other bra does this.


I have also purchased several bras from Victoria secrets at $52 a piece and the moment I get hit the bras have this offensive smell. It’s not me, the smell is in the bra padding.

It’s gross! They need to address the issue!!!!!!


I’ve purchased 5 bras since November 2017 from VS online (if that matters) and all five including two from a order that had arrived this last week all smell like chemicals. I’ve contacted customer service about this today after airing the new ones out for a few days with the smell still lingering, The lady I spoke with was rather rude and told me she hasn’t heard any types of complaints about a chemical smell.She only told me to send them back and receive a replacement or refund, i’ll be returning store the two that I just purchased.The other three from November I had thrown away because one of them literally smelled like *** after me washing it one time. This is ridiculous.


I've been going crazy thinking it was coming from me! Thanks for the validation it is the damn material!


I bought two bras from VS pink.They we're fine in the beginning but as I began washing them they have a strong smell, almost like pee.I can't wear them without me smelling piss.Beery frustrating as these are my only bras after having my daughter


I thought it was me, and I have the same problem out of my padded bras from VS. It's not me, and I only smell it in their bras. I can wash them and smell it as soon as they touch my skin.


Same issue with all my 3 sport bras


Same issue, thought my dog peed on the bra so I washed 3 times since and still smells


I just bought a sports bra on sale at Victoria’s Secret and for the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out why the smell of stale urine keeps following me... it’s the bra!

It smells SO rancid and I’ve washed it 4 times since buying ONE WEEK ago! What the hell!


Same issue here! Chemical smell that come after washing, it’s awful. Haven’t tried contacting them but will try calling tomorrow.


I just purchased two sports bras a little over 30 days ago and me and my boyfriend noticed the strange odor. At first it was embarrassing because I thought it was me, but then when I realized no matter how many times I wash it, it smells.

It seems as though its a chemical smell in the padding itself. My other bra I have from Victoria Secret that is without padding does not emit the smell.

I can't believe they are ignoring this issue since clearly, it's been brought to their attention. I'm calling Customer service now.


Bought two bras in November. Both smell like penicillin and it was only AFTER I washed and dried them that they smelled like that!


Has anything every been found out about the strong terrible chemical smell from the VS bras. Every one I have purchased this past year is awful.

I though it was me, the style, color, etc. no it’s all of them.


Hey Guys,

Time for a class action lawsuit. I called the company tonight.

I'm sending back 16 bras I've been trying to air out for almost two years. When they were washed in PLAIN water, no soap even, the smell comes out like a torrent of formaldehyde. I can't imagine wearing these next to my chest. I broke out in a terrible rash that has scarred.

THEY KNOW about this problem and refuse to address it.

How dangerous are these chemicals?

You can only imagine. I'm talking to a lawyer tomorrow.


I thought it was me going crazy. It very strong and I bought 4 bras.

I held onto receipt.

Will be returning. It is A nausea chemical smell and it's pretty strong


Same thing is happening to me! It’s awful.

It happened after I washed it and wore it.

I can’t desceibe the smell is terrible. It can’t be healthy.


Same here

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