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I actually have two recent complaints for Victoria's Secret, both related to online purchases.

Two months ago, I ordered a pair of Steve Madden riding boots from VS online. I found out they were backordered until 9/29 (I figured I could wait a month because they were awesome). When I still hasn't heard that my order had shipped in the beginning of October, I called to see when they might be coming in. I was told they would be getting a shipment that week. Three weeks later, I looked my order status online only to find out my order had been *cancelled*. By Victoria's Secret. WTF? Thanks for the head's-up. Thankfully, I lucked out and found basically the exact same pair of boots at Nine West for less money and much less aggravation so I didn't complain.

Flash forward a month, and I ordered a super cute quilted winter puffer coat with a fur-trimmed hood. A few days after wearing it I noticed that the hood was quilted on the inside but not the outside. So it was basically zippered onto the coat inside-out. Awesome. I called customer service and they sent a new one. I opened my package tonight only to find the SAME. EXACT. PROBLEM. I called them up and the girl told me I should just pick a new color because she thinks all of the gray coats must be like that. I informed her that it might help if they told someone who mattered (ie- Quality Control, which I very much doubt they even have) about this because surely I cannot be the only one in the US with this issue. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend's sister just bought the same coat in Ivory and hers was fine. I love the gray and I don't want another color although I need a winter coat, obviously. But I caved out of frustration and said I'd pick another color, at which point she informed me that the system to reorder was "down".

I am furious to say the least. I plan on calling back tomorrow and letting them know that I expect them to reiumburse me for the cost of going to a seamstress and having a brand new zipper put on so I can reverse the *** hood myself. I highly doubt they will comply.

Monetary Loss: $128.

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VS Sucks

Thank you! I will definitely give that a try.


Hi. I had a similar experience with a pair of shoes.

I returned them because of a fault and they sent me another pair with exactly the same fault. They gave me a full refund. So that's good. I wrote to them by email to customer care instead of calling them.

From my experience writing to them is much more effective than calling. Also you have a legal record of yours and their correspondence.

Take pictures and attatch to your complaint email.

Good luck!

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