My daughter had my husbands credit card to purchase gas for her vehicle. She decided to go to Victoria's Secret.

There she purchased $300.00 worth of merchandise on my husband's credit card. Her name is not on the card and she is not an authorized user. In call Victoria's Secret, I found out that they DO NOT verify ID's. This is not their store policy.

WHAT? Victoria's Secret should be held responsible. Any other time we use our credit card, we are asked for ID. In fact, I grabbed my husbands credit card out of my purse by accident, and the retial store would not give it bak to me!

My husband had to pick it up from the store.

Since identify theft and credit card theft is rampant - the establishments should be held responsible. CHECK ID!

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She isn't an authorized user for gas either, so why are you mad at VS? Spoiled brat, doesn't respect parents, but I guess she learned from you. :grin

So if your daughter had been refused gas because it wasn;t her card would you have been on here complaining about the gas station? You shouldn't have given her the card if she wasn't responsible enough to use it properly which of course goes back to how you raised her so either way its your fault not someone else.

Cicero, Illinois, United States #744109

I used to work for VS and like the first comment, we checked the back of the card for a signature. Technically if the purchaser is not an authorized user then they can't use the card, but the cashier probably gave your daughter the benefit of the doubt and let her use the card.

I think it's hilarious that you're blaming VS for your daughter being a spoiled little brat. It's not in our job description to do your parenting for you.

Dallas, Texas, United States #651166

I work part-time for VS, and the store policy is to check the back of the card for a signature when a customer signs for a purchase. If there's no signature, we ask for ID. If the sig doesn't match, or there's something wrong with the ID - or, really, if there's any reason to suspect the customer is not the owner of the credit card - we cancel the transaction. At the two stores that I've worked at (one in a normal mall, one in a high-end shopping center), both have refused to sell to teenagers who have Daddy's credit card unless Daddy is there with them.

Perhaps the clerk who sold your daughter $300 worth of product (on what is basically a stolen credit card) didn't follow store policy, but that's her failure - not a failure of store policy. Don't blame the store/company. Blame your daughter for stealing from you.

This is not an official response from Victoria's Secret, just an employee who loves her company and would like everyone to know that this is not the way things normally go.



are you retarded? She clearly stated that her daughter was using the card to buy gas..which would obviously mean she is older than 12-15.

Most states driving age is 16 or 17. Check your facts.


Hey how about taking some responsibility as a parent instead of looking to blame a store? This is the problem with a rising number of Americans.

Its always "Who can i blame?" "Who can I sue?" All stores most certainly DO NOT check ID. I mean how many times do ppl (because they have permission) use their parent's or spouse's credit card? All the time! And I wouldn't want that to stop-it would be very inconvenient.

How about you spend less time on the Internet blaming VS and spend some time with your husband discussing how you can improve your parenting skills? (I am saying that earnestly). Because something has gone horribly wrong with your teen. Most ppl with normal parents would be afraid to do something like that (I also just really loved my parents and I wouldn't want to steal from them, esp after they were nice enough to buy me some gas).

I cannot believe you are on this website! That is a sign of a really morally bankrupt individual. Yes, teens do dumb stuff- sneak a couple beers, maybe even take a five out of your purse and then tell u later. But stealing 300 bucks?

She's not only dishonest, she's pretty dumb (like you weren't going to find out? Hello?) Seeing how it was not your first reaction to think "Where did I go wrong?" You have clearly passed on a moral philosophy of taking no personal responsibility.

Please, get yourself and your child some help or you will be visiting her in jail in 5-10 yrs and we will all have to pay for it. I hope you really read this and take it to heart instead of just getting pissed.

to Loo #603163

Sounds more to me like it's YOUR responsibility to teach your child how to spend money properly, and if she wasn't supposed to take the card and basically "stole" it from him, it's not VS's fault.


Your "kid" shouldn't be shopping at VS in the first place. I'm pretty sure she's only 12-15, she has no one that she should be looking sexy for so it was your fault to let her have the card in the first place.


wow,you're kid is a brat. are you really trying to blame the store for this? haha get a life.


Unfortunately you are misinformed. Most retail store DO NOT ask for an id when accepting a credit card.

Do you know why? Because Visa & Mastercard merchant rules specify that you cannot make an ID a condition of acceptance.

They specify that they believe merchants SHOULD NOT ask for an id. Be angry at your daughter, Victoria's Secret did nothing wrong.



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