A VS agent persuaded me to sign up for the VS Card Identity Protection Plan. She said the first 30 days are free, and you get a $20 gift card to VS. After 30 days, you're billed $12.99 per month, which you can cancel at any time. I told her honestly that all I would want was the gift card and then I would probably cancel it. No problem, said she, all I had to do was wait for the gift card to come in the mail and then call and cancel, because when they send the gift card is about when they start the 30 day trial. After waiting a month - no gift card.

When I called VS Credit Card services, it's a long maze to get to the correct option, or to finally talk to some representative.

Finally after getting a human voice, they said that my gift card would be mailed out in 2 weeks and to wait.

It's been 3 weeks, no gift card. I called VS again and they directed me to some other company that actually handles this Identity Protection Plan. Guess what? I had to "call" and "register" my credit card in order for them to send me this gift card. Although they billed my credit card for $12.99, which in essence means they HAVE my credit card number, they needed me to personally call them. What a bunch of crock! I was never sent any information stating I had to call and register anything, I wasn't ever told anything.

Bottom line: It's just another way they get you to sign up for some service you don't need by luring you with a gift card that never arrives. Then they hope that you either forget to cancel, or won't bother after facing their awful credit card customer service.

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Absolutely agree.


I found that if you hit the cancelation menu the phone doesn't ring to an associate it just keeps playing a recording telling you one will be with you shortly. I recommend hitting the change info button on the menu it takes you to a human who did end up canceling my membership for me!


I called in 2 days ago to activate my Angels Card and I agreed to the $14.99/month credit card protection deal. The operator told me that I would receive an email to activate the card.

However, after 2 days, I received absolute nothing from Victoria's Secret. I went through all trash and junk mail but nothing new showed up. Should I call 866-802-7621 immediately to cancel the protection plan? I don't want to experience the trial or anything.

After reading these experiences, I no longer want the $20 gift card either.

I just simply want to: 1) activate the card and 2) cancel the plan. Thanks to any kind soul who would help me out!

to Anonymous #1017278

You have to wait til monday or tuesday. i enroll my pink card too on thursday and they said it is a 48 hour wait.

I called back but I was told that they dont send out emails during the weekend which is weird and that monday or tuesday is the latest.

DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL..thats what the guy told me. Once you receive the email call them to cancel.


i called to supposedly confirm that i received my card and this lady never shuts the *** up after saying no! to the offer she repeated the same frase like 3 more times. i told her "i heard you clearly I DO NOT NEED THIS"

yeah the offer sounds pretty good but come on!!!

Woodhaven, New York, United States #915686

I was offered in November a gift card for 20.00 if I enrolled,mthey just charged my card, im still waiting for the gify card.

I will disenroll tomorrow.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #898704

Website is myidpro.com and the phone number to cancel is 866-802-7621.


I had the same thing happen to me. Then when you call and try to cancel they keep trying to talk you in to keeping it!!!!


I have the same problem with express clothes credit card, and identity proteccion was charging $14.99 a month until I call and canceled, they didn't wanted but fillaly the did it.!.. Never get a gift card either.!!


The directions were clear to me...you must log in at least once and the gift card will be sent. Create an account once then call and cancel.

I received my gift card in about a week and half and then cancelled the service. I was charged nothing.

to Anonymous #837695

you have to log in where? Do you have the website?

to Anonymous #853026
What is the website for the identity protection program? I am trying to cancel before my 30 days are up! :)

I just canceled the protection plan after reading all of these reviews. I've had it for about 2 weeks and never received the gift card I was promised.

I set up an account and logged in a couple of times too. I'm not going to risk it so I cancelled by calling 1-866-802-7621. The guy I talked to was pretty nice and canceled it for me after a few minutes.

However, I can still log into my account so we'll see what happens.. I got the confirmation code though so I guess i'll just have to wait and see!


I ordered the protection program. The key is to LOG IN AT LEAST ONCE.

I got my giftcard less than a week later.

When I got my card, I immediately called 1-866-802-7621 and cancelled my service. No hidden fees as long as you know how to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY

to Sarah #803608

which website is it that you log into?

to Sarah #837698

why people talks about log in to certain website, but dont say what that website is?

Come on people!!!! Be specific

Log in at least once where???????????????

Park Ridge, New Jersey, United States #790239

Prior Christmas, purchasing gifts I was told the same thing...never received the charge card until I called...then I cancelled protection plan-didn't need...received credit card 10 days later and was told again on phone I would still receive $20 gift card. When I called again about gift card, I was asked if I had signed the disclaimer form...said no, never received in mail...had no idea what she was talking about.

She said they would mail disclaimer form for me to complete and return in order to get $20 gift card.

That was two weeks ago and still haven't seen nuthin' yet. Almost a scam type deal...integrity of VS is certainly questionable.


Me too, they didn't even address that you have to register your card or something, and I normally don't check my email box so carefully. So after a month there was no gift card arrived and I didn't see any email from them, I thought they might even forget that and didn't enroll me to the program. Not until just now I checked my angel credit card account and found that every month they would bill me 14.99 for the service which I have never used.

to Billy #821196

I just got my v.s. gift card today been about two weeks since agreed to the plan but i got an email from the i.d.

plan about suspicious thing and had to log into my acct. to check it out but I cannot get it to take any pswd. etc. I hope I can cancel it easily.

I will use the member no. etc. info. on the paper insert with the v.s.

g. card just got

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #768386

i too, had a VS agent that was persistent that i sign up for identity protection after setting up my credit card. i got an email about a week later about the identity protector and saw that i had to register before even getting the $20 gift card.

i thought to *** with that and stumbled upon this website and read all the hassle about getting charged regardless of receiving the gift card. so i called 1-866-802-7621 and cancelled right away. the guy was understanding, he didn't even ask questions.

just call and be straight forward and they will cancel it for you. i even asked him for the confirmation number just in case

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