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This occurred last year. I made a purchase at the store for about 80 dollars.

went home. Then NEVER got a statement from them. when i finally get a statement from them,It told me that i owed them 120.00 dollars. i called and the indian woman took my infomation and said it was paid over the phone.

she didnt put the right info into the system and the company never got payment. once i settled with someone who did speak English the 80 dollars went to about 119.00! SOME SALE...

beware of credit card companies that sell out to india!!

Monetary Loss: $45.

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My husband got a card for me for Christmas and everything was fine for the first month. The second moth I received a letter telling me the limit had been dropped because I paid the bill an not my husband.

This has got to be the worse company ever. When my husband called to find out what was going on.

The person on the phone was unable to understand or tell us what went wrong since the payment came out of my account (on time) and then after the call it was credited back and then no one would give a clear answer to what was going on.... Save your time don't mess up your credit with these people.


You're such an ***. Why would you wait on a statement anyway?

You can always check your account balance over the phone and internet. I have been a VS customer for YEARSSSS and I too have a credit card with them and I have NEVER had any issues with them. Your old enough to know better..assuming you are. Your complaint is bull****.

Keep track of your spending and you won't have these problems.

You sound so ***. Ugghhh..rookies.


My wife got a VS card and has been a customer for YEARS. She pays her bills on time, every time.

Still, they reported her delinquent to the credit agencies mistakenly. Even if she did pay late, no credible credit company reports customers for missing a single payment. This lowered her from a 780 to 700 and we cannot refinance our house.. costing us more than $400 per month.

They admitted fault and claim they will remove it, but that remains to be seen and it will delay our refinance by at least 2 months. By the way, adults with dozens of bills don't remember every bill we have to pay...

we rely on the companies to notify us. Shame on VS for reporting customers without contacting them first.




I work at victoria's secret and all of the information about the credit card is in the packet we give back to you after you fill out your information. And at least the store I work in, we always try to tell you that the company has "gone green" and to check all of your stuff online and that it's something like a dollar charge to receive a bill mailed to you.

You can also pay in store. We look up card numbers if you don't have yours with you.


Do you realize you can go online and check your balance??


yep, you know you had a balance. you thought you didn't owe money if you didn't get a statement....hahahaha.

funny. You could have gone into any VS store or called to pay your account.


I feel the pain of the first consumer. As a credit card company, they should issue monthly balance invoice so the consumer is aware of the balance in order to pay.

In today's world where people have multiple credit cards and many utility bills to pay, we simply don't have time to keep track of everything that we purchased. I had Victoria Secret call me and say I'm behind payment when I never received the statement.

I paid and cancelled the card immediately since they have such poor customer service and are not worthy of my money. In this economy, they should encourage the consumers to spend rather than *** them off.

to Donna Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #653983

It's been awhile since you've posted this. It is May 2013 and the company is still very poor in customer service and I feel their practices is to deceive the customer in order to tack on late fees and such.

Donna, I agree with whole heartly w/not worthy of my money!!

Suzie Orman warned her listeners about companies like this..... and for a good reason.


dont be a racist ***, ur *** for not pying ur $80 anyway and waiting for the statement like u didnt know u had a balance.

:x You knew you purchased the item so therefore you knew you had to pay the balance. VS allows you to pay online and could have easily walked in and said, "I haven't recieved my statement but I would like to pay my balance." And the representative would respond, "Sure, do you have your account number?" Then you would not have had to pay the late fees! Be smarter next time!

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