I join all those who have had to deal with the horrible, unethical, sneaky and vicious Victoria's Secret Card Services. Truly a bundle of joy.Had to block their phone calls and change my number.

I owe several hundred, had a good history, but went through a bad bad time. They put me on a "hardship program" and because of certain reasons I could pay the amount but not on the date (they are more concerned that you get the date right than they are about the money) so they "punished" me by taking me off the program. Now when I tell them I can only pay such and such, they say well, that will end up with the late fees. Then I give them nothing because of that and they trick me into doubling the amount.

It comes to several hundred total.

I have to pay it out in allotments of $15 for reasons I won't go into. I don't have this trouble with anyone else.

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Middletown, Delaware, United States #649623

What I feel that a lot of people don't realize is that when you get a credit card the company isn't giving you money, it's lending it to you. You signed a contract saying that you would give them the money back and you failed to do so. They have every right to penalize you to the extent that the contract YOU signed let's them.


Agree w retail lady every cc company does this. Maybe u shouldnt have gotten the card


Um just so you know...ALL credit card companies whether it's retail specific (IE Victoria's Secret, Maurices, Target, etc) or other (Chase, MasterCard, etc) will do this if you don't make your payment.

It is their job to make calls if you are late on a payment.

Just saying...

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