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i pay 60+ dollars for a bra, and it lasts maybe 5 months? i am never purchasing a bra here again.

it's all for the name on the tag and that' absolutely atrocious. especially when i actually saved up thinking that a bra here would last longer because it was so much more expensive, but i guess that was an inaccurate assumption and i will not make that mistake again. It's pretty pathetic. i have larger *** so it's hard enough to find bra's that fit and not be ripped off.

Don't buy bras from here. It's a waste of time & your hard earned cash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Victorias Secret Bra.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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It depends on the bra you get. I get all my bras from Victoria's Secret.

I did buy one, that fell apart within the first 3 months. I couldn't wear it anymore because it was so painful. On the other hand, I bought another bra from there, about 7 months ago.

I tumble wash it, with all my other clothes, and it's still fine. Just be careful with your decision.


If your bra has not lasted 5 months, you are probably not washing it correctly. Bras from victoria secret last longer if you soak them in water with detergent.

Not tumble washing them with other clothes. THATS how they get damaged. If you are washing your bra correctly, good for you! but is that the only bra your wearing?

Wearing the same bra for 5 months does not put that bra in to good physical shape. Besides, if your having such a problem with the price, return it.

Victorias secret will take anything, with or without a receipt if its damaged. Hope this helps.


There is no bra worth $60. You need to shop around more for these items.

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