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I bought the bra a while ago but this is my second time wearing it. It is horrible, I got a big spot of oil on my shirt.

I thought maybe a lean on something that got oil on it. Throughout the day I keep seeing more oil and I feel so itchy. Finally, I took off my bra and saw oil leaking from both side. It’s terrible because I was at work and had nothing to change it out.

I was so Embarrassed. I have to stuff paper inside my bra all day. I also had to pump milk. I am so afraid that if I didn’t clean well it might get in the milk.

I am worry that it might be toxic. I hope not. Never expect that I have to throw out my expensive bra after 2 times of using it. Why do they have to put that oil in there?

Victoria need to do something about this. I would appreciate if the company contact me to result this situation.

My contact info. 7133047152

Product or Service Mentioned: Victorias Secret Bra.

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Did they contact u? Is it toxic?

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