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I bought a new bra for 45 bucks throught the online catalogue and I hate the feel of it scratchy and picky and hurts when I wear it ! I bought it because it looked nice and cute in. The catalogue

It has a faux leopards print on it in pinks and rainbow colors FYI don't buy this one terrible

When I called to complain they said I have to return it unworn which is impossible! Who test these bras? They feel cheap and terrible!! They are made in Sri Lanka Which mean I should not have paid 45 bucks!! I want them to explain who tests these bras sooo not comfortable !

Review about: Victorias Secret Bra.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I have the same problem with the itchy bra! So annoyed that I finally found a bra I really like how it fits and with in a month of wearing it I realized I had been scratching and made a mark on my skin over the last month.

Didn't even realize it! I though maybe it was my detergent, sudden allergy to food? Then I realized the stitching is different on this bra than the ones I used to wear. I loosened it on the back clasp and that was a bit better.

However, now I realize that a new itch is occurring. On the under wire, directly under my ***, there are little tiny, practically microscopic little things sticking out and irritating my skin. Maybe they are splintering off from the under wire itself? Or more material/ stitching malfunctions.

Whatever it is, it's starting to make a mark on my skin again and is so frustrating. Two of the exact same style bras that are maybe 6 or less than 6 months old are both doing this. What do I do and who do I complain to?! I wish I could remember what style this is.

Maybe Unforgettable? Or something like that?

Did you ever resolve your issue? Thanks.


You should bring it to the store and have them return it for you. If you tried it on and it felt uncomfortable, even if it was worn for a few hours, that's not considered "worn." They say that you can't return a worn bra because they are trying to discourage people from returning a bra that they've worn for months and then getting a brand new one in exchange.

If you are having a genuine fit issue/discomfort with the bra they will exchange it for you.

Also, I agree with Erica about a fitting. Wearing the right size makes all the difference in your comfort :)


Try going to the store to get professionally fitted and to get your size checked. The most common reason underwire hurts is the cup is to small.

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