I've been a loyal customer of VS for a long time. I used to only buy bras and panties from them, but over the last two years I've started buying their clothing..

I just figured since the bras are such good quality so would be the rest of their merchandise, right?? Well that's definitely NOT the case. I've bought almost $600.00 worth if VS clothing (hoodies, tops, blouses, and yoga pants) and ALL of the clothing falls apart!! And after just ONE or TWO washes!!

And I make sure I follow the instructions on how everything is to be laundered; plus I'm extra gentle with all my clothing anyway, even if it doesn't have to be washed on delicate I still do.

I thought maybe it was my washing machine (which is still fairly new), but no, none of my other clothes are coming out with holes in them and stitching coming apart!!

I don't know if I'm just having bad luck with VS or if the quality of their clothing is really THAT BAD!! All I know is I'm DONE buying clothes from them..

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I never buy any of their clothing unless it's on clearance. I will NEVER pay $50 for a hoodie - are you KIDDING me?

But hey, for $14.99 it isn't a bad price at all. I never pay more than about $30 for any piece of clothing from them and when I buy I get TONS of stuff for really cheap. I wait until they have their extra 30% off clearance (like right now) and it's a freaking STEAL! A few things have gotten holes in them or lost their shape but I never really mind because I don't pay much for them - otherwise I've always had decent experiences with them AND if you do need to return some purchases you can now go it right at the stores which is so nice.

Just be smarter shoppers because some of their stuff is SO cute and definitely worth it at clearance prices. :)

Middletown, Delaware, United States #649621

Did you try bringing some of it back? They usually have a pretty lenient return policy.

Los Angeles, California, United States #641007

I hear you! The stuff they now sell is low-end garbage made in third world countries.

It looks great all Photoshopped on the supermodels online, but when you receive it, what a shock. I had to donate one "Pink" hoodie after only two washings. The stitching around the pockets came loose and started to unravel, and the fleece pilled so badly it was scratching my skin. And this thing cost me nearly $50!

No, you aren't having bad luck. Their clothing really is THAT BAD.

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