I recently purchased 5 pairs of underwear from this store location and paid $25. After machine washing them one time in cold water and drying on low heat they are falling apart.

They are unraveling and having to have material cut from them upon every wear. I have purchased pairs before, some of which I have had for years and they are in great condition. I'm not sure how else to approach this as I cannot return them after wearing.

I am very dissatisfied with your product and would like to be reembirsed for them either in product or monetarily. Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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I have the same problem! I bought several lacy ones this year and all have holes in the lace within only a couple of washes.

I dont remember the quality being like this before.

I am disappointed. I dont think I can continue to buy from VS

Seminole, Florida, United States #897947

Every pair of lace under I own have totally fell apart and ripped. We are just paying for the name not the quality.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #710630

I have recently had the same problem. In one instance new underwear literally fell apart as I was wearing them.

Super embarassing and annoying. I will not be returning there.

Los Angeles, California, United States #641013

The quality of the cotton panties has deteriorated dramatically in recent years. I've been buying their cotton undies for about 20 years now, and they were always great.

I still have some from 6-7 years ago, and comparing them to what is currently being sold is like comparing Bloomingdale's to K-Mart. I also buy them at the 5/$25 price because you get a good discount that way, but after having SO many fall apart in the wash, not buying any more. Only a few washings and the elastic separates from the ultra-thin cotton, stitching falls apart, etc. Try Hanes, Jockey, or Gap.

All are better quality for basically the same price. VS has gone downhill, big time.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #640286

More than likely they won't get your message on this site. Call the store manager and explain the situation.

See what they say, some places will let you return faulty underwear as long as it is clean.

That being said from what I have heard about Victoria's Secret prices if you paid $25.00 for five pairs that sounds cheap.

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