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I have been shopping at Victoria's Secret since the mid 1980s, back when it was catalog only, then eventually online. The clothing back then was bar none.

Their cotton panties were the best on the market, but over the years, they've gotten worse and worse and worse, to the point where they are now cheap garbage that falls apart after only a few washings. I have VS cotton panties from five years ago that are still going strong, while some that were purchased only two months ago have already come apart. The fabric is so thin that the lighter colors are sheer, holes form almost immediately where the cotton is sewn to the elastic waistband, and the kicker, the crotch panel is no longer sewn in on all four sides. It is now left open on one end like a pocket, which curls the first time you wash it, and tears right off if you try to wear a pad.

I have never seen a panty like that, not even the cheap junk you get at a discount store. Seriously, who makes a panty like that? The decline in quality also extends to the clothing. A Pink hoodie that is priced at $49, and looks great pictured on their supermodel, is really dime store junk made in some third world country.

You can get better quality at Target for a fraction of the price. I just bought one of their "limited edition" holiday "bling" tank tops, and was horrified at what I received. The cotton was as thin and as sheer as tissue paper, and the sequins were already falling off in the bag. This GARBAGE set me back $44 plus shipping, plus another $6 to return it.

I could rant on this all day, but you get the message. Victoria's Secret is selling overpriced garbage by putting it on Photoshopped pictures of supermodels to make it look good.

Don't fall for it. What you see on the web site is NOT what you will get.

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go to Soma, but shop the store not the online sale products. The material and quality is top notch and priced the same or cheaper and VS. VS is just fast fashion garbage.

Waynesboro, Georgia, United States #1338692

I received a VS robe 20 years ago for Christmas and I still have it. Still looks great and no tears or seams falling apart.

I went to look for one for a gift recently and they no longer sell it. The one I found was cheap, thin and way over priced. I used to love their bras. The only ones I would buy.

Not anymore. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

They won't be in business much longer. I don't think all those beautiful models can keep this place afloat. What a shame too.

I would rather pay the higher price and get good quality, but it seems they are charging even higher prices for the junk they are selling now. Sad and disappointing for sure.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1228973

I got an $80 sequin backpack from Victoria's Secret a few years back; it lasted all of one year before one of the straps detached from the backpack. I got another backpack, which was $40 and not sequined or anything, and the strap broke within a year.

I wasn't carrying heavy textbooks in either of them; only light materials like notebooks and writing utensils.

All the yoga pants I've ever owned from here eventually sprouted holes in the thigh area and I'm a size 4 with "normal" sized thighs. The quality of most VS items don't match the price point.

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1190381

I have been buy underwear bras and workout clothes fromantic VS for years. Originally I had no problem splurging on these items because they always lasted me a very long time.

I bought a thong recently and went to go put it on today after washing it and the crotch was hardly attached by a string and I had to throw away a 10 dollar pair of underwear. My sports bra have either lost their shape or ripped. All my VS hoodies are falling apart.

They quality of this company has majorly dropped. I refuse to waste my time or money there again.


Same experience I'm looking into other options now. Old cotton panties back in the days, multiple washes old looking but lace still in tact.

Right now new lace panties after a couple of washes they are already having a lot of holes in them.

Horrible horrible quality, idk why many shoppers still gives them 5 stars to the panties when they should be negative 5 stars. Going to look into other options like target or walmart.

Vista, California, United States #1129919
I've been experiencing the same thing over the last year with VS, horrible quality clothing and all I get from VS is an apology and their 30 day policy. I refuse to pay $50 a month for undergarments because they're not holding to any good quality expectations. So i've opted to buy beautiful 100% cotton undergarments that have lasted more than 3 months so far :)

Yep, I just put on a pair of new briefs today and they already have a hole on the side!!

Need to find a new company!! Crappy quality!


Worse quality I have even seen anywhere in panties. The lace does rip after 1 or 2 washes and the seams are cut with very jagged and uneven edges. The customer service is almost as bad as the product.


Your so right on


I received a order today . Absolutely worse quality I have ever seen.2 items did not even have tags!!!

The sport pocket pants has a hole in the front leg.

Yes I have returned and will not ever buy this overpriced *** again. It's even below thrift store quality.


I totally agree, the last time I bought stuff from them I was flabbergasted by the horrible quality. Not even Dollar Store quality!


They should lower the prices.but im in love with the yoga and boyfriend pant


I too am very disappointed. My husband purchased the pink sweats & Pink Hoodie displayed during Christmas.

I was excited to wear it. It pilled all over everything the sofa, My coat my scarf. I washed it right away thinking it would help. OMG pink lint was everywhere.

What a nightmare. I won't be asking for those again.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #964485

OMG, couldn't agree more. All the panties with any sort of lace on them gets holes after 2 or 3 washes.

Seriously? Pure garbage!

Not buying this *** anymore. What a total waste of money.

Texas, United States #881348

Thank you! I thought I was going crazy...the quality just isn't there anymore.

I too have panties from YEARS ago that are fabulous and now they split, get holes, roll up or down (badly) and are just too expensive for the quality you get.

I am very disappointed. These are the only brand I could trust to be reliable in sizing and comfortable along with durability.

Now I have nothing.


Totally agree!

I recently bought the cotton undies (5x30usd) at a recent trip to the USA as where i live has no Victoria Secret store. They've been my all time favorite and the obes from years ago are still holding string but these are just absolute rubish!

I threw them all after the 1st wash.

Everything about it is awful - the cotton was not as soft, fit not the same, sewing not as good, the band with the logo seemed too thick & rough. What a dissapointment!


I so agree with this article. We need to call the Better Business Bureau or the media.

This needs to stop.


Oh, YES, I can so sign this. I have some old VS Cotton panties, and they are still good ...

the new ones fall apart so fast that it's not even funny anymore. Now, it apparently also started with the bras. The underwires pop out or crack really quickly, and just today, a bra I bought FOUR weeks ago came apart at the seam.

I am really annoyed. Especially since I can't return it - I live overseas, and that would be more PITA than it is worth.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #752224

What do you expect when everything is being manufactured overseas with no quality control standards......just poor little souls sweating away sewing your undies.....they're just worried about meeting the daily quota and not losing that $1.00 a day they are being paid.....not quality......and because it has a VS label.....people will bend over backwards to buy this stuff


Agreed. The most recent Black Friday sale, offered PINK sweatshirts for $25.

When I got them, I was so annoyed.

Super thin material, screenprinted.....it looks like something I could buy at the dollar store.

I will never buy another item from VS.

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