I recently ordered a bandeau bikini top and bottoms. The top fit well, looked great, I was happy with the purchase.

I haven't used it much yet this summer-- only trying it on at home a few times and one afternoon of use, laying in the sun. I tried it on one more time tonight before heading out for a week-long beach vacation, starting tomorrow, and the plastic gold clasp in the back snapped in half and now my bandeau top is useless. I contacted customer service as soon as it happened and was told the only thing I could do is have them reorder the suit for me, except it is backordered until September 17th, otherwise I'm out of luck.

I am extremely upset that after practically no use this top, which was pretty expensive, is completely useless. Victoria's Secret needs to make sure that if they decide to use such cheap, breakable material as the single-most important piece of a bathing suit top, they at least make it easy to repair.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Same thing happened to me. So pissed!


I had the same thing happen after I washed mine the first time. It was an expensive top so I am very disappointed.

I went to the fabric store to get a plain black clasp but it is much shorter then the gold one with the big VS circle so I'm worried it won't fit me anymore. Or at least look as good.

I'm going to fix it tonight and try it out. :(


To add... I contacted VS customer service and they said I could return the bikini without a receipt because the clasp broke.

You may want to give it a try. I returned it to the store, and I showed them the email saying I could return it. I got store credit, but that is better than having a useless broken bikini top.

FYI... now i can get a new one!


You can get medal clasps at Joanne fabrics and fix it yourself. Same thing happened to me.

I asked them for a replacement clasp (gold plastic one with VS in the circle). Mine broke after I washed it.

At least it didn't break while I was wearing it in public! I haven't heard from them yet (it's been a few days).

to Gymaddict #1520761

What do you call the clasp if you are searching for it on-line at joannesfabrics.com?

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Same thing happened to me on two suits. Will never buy another bathing suit from Victorias Secret.

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