Victoria's Secret Bras that smell even after washing. Bought two of the new Angel bras and they both smell terrible after washing twice!

Usually a big fan of VS.. But taking these back to store. Smell is hard to describe.. but strong!

A little concerned as to what the smell could be... kind of a chemical- like smell. Loved the bras so much and didn't notice the smell until after washing. Made clothes smell same way.

Was interesting to see someone else had posted on April 9th this same problem... I guess I am not the only one who noticed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Victorias Secret Bra.

Monetary Loss: $52.

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I bought 2 bras at Pink for my daughter and no matter how many time we wash them, soak them or change detergent they still smell like chemicals. No one can put these on their bodies! This is the 2nd time this has happened.


Same experience with Maidenform One Fabulous Fit T-shirt bra. Purchased four from Kohls.com.

Washed and hung before wearing for first time. Smell was so intense--had to hang them outside to dry and air out laundry room and wash out washing machine!! Same chemical odor. No change after air drying outside.

Cannot wear. What IS this??Each bra was $38.00, but were BOGO 1/2 off.


I thought it was my tap water at first! I washed my bras in a different sink and still they have that awful chemical smell! So disappointed since the bra fit is perfect.

to Carolyn #1539055

I also thought it was the tap water causing the smell! We had just had a big rainfall. Mine was a Vanity Fair bra, ordered online.


I have the same problem. I've noticed it smells like PVC...

Polyvinyl Chloride which is a plastic. The same stuff shower curtains are made of.

I'm not sure if they are previously packaged in this type of plastic or if the plastic is in the bra.... Very disturbing.


I experienced the same problem! I ordered mine online and I’m not usually one to complain.

I ordered it back in October, tried washing it a few times and even tried spraying Purfume all over it before wearing, but eventually the smell kept coming back! I feel like I could smell it on me while sitting at work! I did finally call Victoria Secret’s customer service about 3 months later and asked what my options were. She pulled up my order receipt, emailed it to me, and told me I could return it and tell the store it’s “defective”.

I had no issues at all, which I was actually surprised due to me telling her I washed it and worn it already! I bought a couple more and am noticing the smell faintly in those, but it was nothing like the 1st one, that was very strong!


I just received a bombshell bra for Christmas. My husband bought it 2 weeks prior at the store and I smell the chemical smell that everyone is talking about.

I have another that I bought at the same store, but it does not stink like this one. Definitely think I am going to return it.


I'm curious how many of these complaints are from mail orders (vs the store) and if any of you had just made a complaint to the company before the smell appeared?

All of my bras smelled fine before I complained about missing stitches but after that, everything that was shipped to me had that burned rubber smell. I stopped ordering from them.

Longview, Texas, United States #1310782

Yes, I just bought two Victoria's Secret bras last weekend and after I washed them, both smelt awful. A friend said it smelt like "burnt rubber".

It makes me mad that I spent $50 to smell like chemicals all day. I've researched about this and others have had this experience.

Anderson, South Carolina, United States #1185602

No you are definitely not. And VS refuses to acknowledge the problem.

It's ***. I think they are moderating what is posted on their fb and twitter too, so people don't know.

Sherman, Texas, United States #1177315

I have the same issue with a Teeshirt bra I just bought, it was fine until after washing, terrible odor, cant describe....


Yes, I have washed the bra 3 times and smell still exist and makes my blouse smell like the chemical smell as well!! Taking it back.

I have never experienced this before. I have been wearing bombshell bras for abt 7 years now.

Very disappointed! !!


I bought the Nubra Bra, wore it twice while on vacation in Miami (lots of humidity). I washed it thoroughly with soap & water.

Flew back home to LA, & my bra smells like a dead fish! I even tried to wipe it down with 409...I can't kill the odor.

It is nasty!! Trying to see if this product off-gases(?) Too expensive of a bra, to just toss it with out being pissed.

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #941453

I though my cat pissed on my bra... but it wasn't on the floor or anything so I decided to do some research...

I'm not the only one...

I wonder what causes it. I shower twice a day btw lol

Tampa, Florida, United States #662327

VINEGAR! Pungent moldy vinegar.

My body and clothes stank.

I got one of the wireless bras that's already been discontinued. The smell washes out and comes back in a couple of days.


I purchased a VS, Body by Victoria bra a couple of weeks ago, and was shocked when I took it out of the bag. It smelled like someone had tryed it on wearing Bengay rub or some kind of chemical.

I washed it, and it still smealls and made my skin a bit red and itchy.

I want to return this bra. I've always worn VS, but this has never happened before.


Oh my god! I thought I was alone!

I got the Fabulous from VS and it smells all the time!

I know it's not me because it doesn't happen with any other bra! But it makes me smell if I wear it and it smells even after I wash it!


My fabulous bra from them smells weird too. I think it's because my husband put them in the washer and they sat in there all weekend.

Now it won't wash out. It's not the stores fault though, you know you're not supposed to be putting them in the washer AT ALL.

I keep my detergent from VS in the shower and wash them in the shower when I get in there and then hang them up to dry. I'm sad this one made it into the laundry, it was my fave one.

I bought a VS bra today and I didnt even smell it until I put it on, I cant even describe this smell, other than chemically. :cry

I bought two of the very sexy bras and they both smell like urine and something rotting even when they're fresh from the washer. It's not even subtle either, I can smell it through my clothes and through perfume. It's a shame too because they are amazingly silky and comfortable.

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