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My brand new bikini top broke! The loop where the halter string slides through came detached from the rest of the suit.

It is no longer wearable because my bust is too big to wear the top without the halter mechanism. I am very disappointed in Victoria's Secret and I am sad to say I no longer think of it in the same high standard that I did before.

I have been a devoted customer and I have been buying a bathing suit from you every summer and never have I run into this problem, and now I can't return it. So upsetting.

Review about: Victorias Secret Top.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #790727

I don't get it. What does the size of your chest have to do with anything??

If the part that attaches at the back of the neck (I assume that's the part you're talking about) breaks how could it be worn by ANY woman no matter her "size"??? Why don't you just exchange it and save your bad review for if the new one breaks or if they give you a hard time. Some of VS bathing suits are more expensive that what you'd typically find elsewhere but most of them aren't.

So, honestly, I wouldn't even go through the trouble of exchanging unless I lived crazy close to VS. I'd just sew what came undone (it's probably only 3 or 4 stitches).

to PimpdaddyBlueschuck #790885

The part that broke is what "holds" everything up, so wearing it is uncomfortable because I constantly have to worry about it falling down. It's not about the sewing, I know how to sew. What's upsetting is the fact that I pay $50 for a nice bathing suit top just to have it break.

to eowock01 Columbus, Ohio, United States #791112

Yeah I get it, I would be pissed if something I just bought broke too, but have you TRIED exchanging it?? It might be a malfunction in just the one you bought.

You say you can't return it, but why? No receipt? You've worn it a few times already? You should try taking it into a store anyway, you never know.

If you're really nice and the style of the bathing suit is from this season (so NOT 5 years old) they might be able to work something out with you. Just a suggestion.

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