I began using "Angel" perfume (By Victoria's Secret) about 4 weeks ago. I used one light spray at the collar bone.

One week ago I began to develop a rash around my eyes. I discontinued all other facial products but continued using the perfume. The rash continued. Yesterday I thought to discontinue my use of the perfume.

This morning I awoke with the rash almost completely gone. I have registered my complaint with Victoria's Secret and have suggested that they review the chemicals used in their fragrances, as I am sure that I am not the only one with an allergic reaction.

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Oil sleek coconut oil and coco lotion creates mass hives - smells great but don’t put it directly on your skin!! Read an article about bras causing rashes because of formaldehyde.

I’m going to boycott them. I don’t need toxic chemicals in my clothes or on my body.


I’ve started using the sexy body lotion and spray and have had a severe reaction all on my chest face well practically everywhereSo dissatisfied


I recently use the body spray and lotion woke up with a rash on my stomach spread to my back and the back of neck they must I change the ingredients I never been allergic to this before sorry to say I won’t be purchasing any of those products any more I have unused products should I take them back for a refund


Victorias secret sheer love body lotion caused an allergic reaction for me


Ugh. Caused me to breakout in huge hives.

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Sometimes allergic reactions can happen with any body care item. You're probably just allergic to one of the ingredients. Just being it back and try to get store credit.

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